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It has come to my attention, while out speaking to residents throughout the city, that there is a perception that I have some plan to “regionalize” Pleasant Ridge – a code word for merging Pleasant Ridge with some other entity, thereby changing everything that we value as residents of this community. Believe me when I say this…I will do everything I can to maintain the independence we value, while preserving our police and solidifying our fire and emergency services.

This week’s edition of the Woodward Talk contained an article (a shortened online version is linked below) on the Pleasant Ridge mayor’s race. While the reporter and I spoke for a half an hour, space requirements resulted in a rather narrow discussion of the issues. I am certain that Frank felt similarly. We will need to wait till the Candidates Forum on October 3 to broaden that discussion.

Our independence can and will be stronger if we elect a Mayor who comes with strong relationships throughout Oakland County, the metropolitan region and the State of Michigan. Working with our partners in southern Oakland County on common issues is important to our continued fiscal security. I have worked with many of our neighboring mayors, councilpersons and city administrators. My ability to call the Governor’s office and have him know me on a personal and professional basis is an asset that I can bring to this job. My connections with philanthropic organizations and business leaders throughout the region can only help us.
The article quotes me as saying, “I think we have been somewhat isolated from the table of discussion, so I want to look into how to move this region forward and how to collaborate with different entities. I think my vision for Pleasant Ridge is being a lot more inclusive and a lot more engaged with the Detroit metropolitan region. How can we have a bigger voice at the table, and how do we get engaged with our neighbors in Ferndale and Royal Oak?”

I am only reflecting what I have heard over and over. “Why doesn’t Pleasant Ridge participate?” We have invited them time and again and we get no response.” I realize that Sherry Ball cannot be everywhere and needs to do the day-to-day work that demands s much of her time. Ann Perry has been terrific at bringing Pleasant Ridge to the Transportation and Education tables. The Mayor sets the tone and vision for the city and needs to be visible both within and without. It is my intention to be that kind of Mayor.

Pleasant Ridge is unique in so many ways. My wife, children and I have always felt that way and made the case to everyone who would listen. It is obvious that everyone who lives in this community understands it. No one on the outside believes it until they spend a little time here. The continuous amazement voiced by new neighbors just reinforces how fortunate we are.

I will never do anything that would compromise what we have here. It is my promise to strengthen what we have:

  • by listening to our residents and giving them opportunities for input…
  • by encouraging engagement through more effective communication,
  • by building strong engaged junior commissions, and
  • by enhancing the outreach and membership opportunities in our fine civic and social organizations.

The residents of Pleasant Ridge take great stock in our wonderful history. We must celebrate this past, take great pride in our present, and work together for an exciting future.

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